Patrick Donnelly

Master Practitioner & Coach in NLP
Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy®
Certified Practitioner in Hypnotherapy

Life Coach Counsellor


Patrick Donnelly

Your behaviour and your physical wellbeing are the result of how you feel and what you think. That little voice in your head that makes suggestions, questions your decisions and controls your emotions is your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind filters the millions of bits of information that you are bombarded with every second, helping you to make sense of the world around you. When it is not in sync with your conscious mind, you have internal conflict, confusion, indecision and stress. And this builds up over time.

Your unconscious mind has recorded all the events of your past so that you can learn from them and make the right decisions today. Unfortunately it has also retained negative emotions around those events that you have not yet learned from. These are reinforced and built up over the years resulting in a store of unwanted negative emotions (Anger, Fear, Guilt, Sadness, Frustration etc) that can make you unhappy and stop you from focusing on the positive aspects of your life.

Using NLP & Time Line Therapy ®
we can help you safely access your unconscious mind to:

Whether you are dealing with a particular issue (self esteem, anxiety, weight loss) or you want to redefine your life goals for Self, Health, Career and Relationships, we can help turn those good intentions into positive action.

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